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Southern Trading’s deep sea crab seafood range is caught in pristine ocean waters off the coast of Western Australia. Our ocean going vessels capture the crabs, which are held onboard in live tanks maintained at a low temperature to ensure optimum condition, prior to being returned to our registered AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspections Service) premises to be processed and packed for live distribution to both the domestic and export markets.

Our crab products include crystal, king and snow crab, all considered as being delicacies in the Asian markets. The crabs are purged for a minimum of 24 hours in holding tanks prior to being graded for live export.

The crystal crab has a unique flavour and is highly sought after by the leading Asian restaurants in China, Singapore and Australia. The king crab has excellent taste and texture and are highly prized in the Asian markets for their taste, colour and their visual presentation. The champagne crab, whilst caught in low volumes, are exported exclusively to the Chinese market.


Varieties - Click images below to learn more

Crystal Crab - or Snow Crab (Latin name - chaceaon bicolour)

King Crab - or Giant Crabs (Latin name - pseudocarcinus gigas)

Spiny Crab - or Champagne Crab (Latin Name - hypothalassia acerba)