Southern Saucer Scallops

Our southern saucer scallops are considered amongst the finest in the world. We market our scallops under the brand name Golden Net. It has a sweet and silky texture and are caught form our fishing grounds in Shark Bay and the Abrohlos Islands.

The scallop season usually runs from March to June depending on the environmental conditions and catch levels. The catch levels can vary quite considerable from one year to the next  and are monitored daily by the Fisheries Department. This is to ensure that there are sufficient juveniles to settle and populate for the following seasons.

There is no minimum size for our scallops, but we tend to catch scallops which are larger than 90mm. We pack process our scallops either as block frozen flesh or IQF.


IQF Scallops


Our IQF scallops are packed into 2kg plastic bags.For export these bags are 8 by number within an outer carton.


Block Frozen


We bulk process our scallop meat into 2 kg blocks, For exports, these inner cartons are packed 10 within an outer carton. Our scallop sizes are as follows:

Our scallops are sold in 2kg inner cartons. There are packed for export 10 to an inner carton. Our scallop sizes/count per pound are as follows:

Under 20 per pound
20 – 30
20 – 40
30 – 50
40 – 60
60 – 80
and, portions.