Southern Trading Australia Pty. Ltd.- Opportunities

Fishing / Processing / Investment

Our company seeks to enter into commercially sound joint venture fishing and processing operations. In January, 2006 we entered into our first fishing joint venture with the Chinese associated company AusAsia Ocean Fishing P/L. This company will specialize in the fishing and processing of deep sea crystal crab.

As appropriate, our company will invest direct into seafood related business activities. Through its related property trust, in November, 2005 the company acquired its new processing facility at Hamilton Hill. This property is 7,000 m2 with only 3,500 m2 having been developed. We will look to further develop the property as and when the appropriate commercial opportunity arises.

Our years of experience within the food and seafood processing industries will help us answer your questions and fulfill your needs. We aim to understand our customer’s unique requirements and provide solutions that add value without compromising our unwavering pursuit of quality and excellence.